How to Buy Auto Insurance Cheaply

Determine the type of insurance(保险) to be purchased(购买).

Recommended compulsory(强制的)insurance categories(种类) include: compulsory traffic insurance, auto damage insurance(汽车损毁保险) (including special insurance for the failure to find a third party(第三方)), third party liability insurance(第三者责任险), no deductible(不计免赔).

1.Traffic Compulsory Insurance(交强险): Needless to say, the law stipulates(规定) that it must be paid.

2.① Auto damage Insurance: Simply put(简单地说), the insurance company pays for repairing the car when it has an accident.

2.②Unable to find third party special insurance: This is an additional risk(附加险) of auto damage insurance, mainly used in the following two situations: (1) when the car is parked on the roadside, when you come back, you find that the car was damaged, but you do not know who did it; (2) when the car is driving, it scratches(刮碰) with other cars, causing damage to the vehicle, but the car runs away. If you can’t find a third party’s special insurance, you can get full reimbursement(赔偿). It should be pointed out(被指出) that the responsibility for the accident rests with(在于) others, not with you.

3.Third party liability insurance: Simply speaking, you hit someone while driving. The main responsibility is you. You have to compensate(赔偿) others for personal and property losses(财产损失). Nowadays, people in cities need more money to get injured, so it is suggested to increase the cost by more than 1.5 million yuan.

4.No deductibles: In some cases, the insurance company will only pay you a certain proportion(比例), such as when you make a mistake driving and crashing a tree, causing losses, because it is a unilateral(单边的) accident, normally the insurance company only pays you 80% of the loss, but if you buy no deductibles, you can get 100% of the compensation(赔偿).

Other types of insurance are not recommended. We can consider them comprehensively(包括地) according to our own conditions. I will explain the situation.

Scratch Risk(划痕险): Generally up to 2000 compensation, after the insurance premium(保费) discount reduced, the second and third year premiums increased, indisposition(小毛病) repaired on your own.

Glass Breakage Risk alone(玻璃单独破碎险): no garage(车库), parking spaces often parked by the roadside, poor surrounding environment can be bought, the general city does not need to buy, mainly for fear(害怕) of being smashed(打碎) glass to take the bag in the car, so the bag had better not be put in the car.

Spontaneous Combustion Insurance(自燃险): New cars generally do not spontaneously(自然地) ignite(燃烧).

Special Engine Loss Insurance(发动机特别损失险): that is(就是), water-related insurance(涉水险), cities that do not see the sea do not need to buy.

Vehicle personnel liability insurance(车上人员责任险): the cost-effective ratio(性价比) is not high, if the car is not borrowed, you can buy some accident insurance for car owners, you can also insure the car personnel, pay more money and hospitalization subsidies, etc., the price is not expensive.

Determine the way to buy insurance.

Here I want to explain first, because the general auto insurance has (30% – 60%) commission(提成), so the channels(渠道) will be discounted according to the situation, in general, the prices of the three major insurance companies (Ping An(平安保险), PICC(中国人保财险), Pacific(太平洋保险)) will be more expensive than other (sunshine(阳光保险), Taiping(太平保险), earth(中国大地保险), etc.), after all, there are brand and service premiums(溢价) in it. If a large company costs about 100 yuan more than a small one, it is recommended to buy a large one. If there are more or better driving habits, it is recommended to buy a small one.

1.In 4S shops: new cars in general 4S shops will let you insure, you do not buy in his shop, car prices may be high, buy in his shop, insurance prices are high. However, wool comes from sheep, we mainly consider the price factors of car purchase and insurance purchase. 4S shop is mainly fixed loss(止损), easy maintenance(维护), but if considering the price, it is not recommended.

2.Telephone: When the auto insurance expires(期满), the owner will receive calls from various insurance companies. After determining the insurance types of the first item above, directly compare(比较) the prices.

3.Official website: When the official website does not engage in activities, the price is not good. When you calculate the car insurance, you can calculate it first.

4.Other Internet channels: Now there are many third-party Internet channels to buy car insurance, including their own insurance companies and other insurance companies, such as Ali and Tencent have car insurance sales.

5.Reliable insurance brokers(保险经纪人) or insurance agents(保险代理公司): they can sell products of many companies, which companies generally give high return point(返点) to sell that, which is different from the official channel is flexible and changeable, because subsidiaries(子公司) around the country may need to complete tasks at a certain time node(时间节点), these agents can get higher return point, and can also give you more Discount。 Official channels may not be able to give the agency discounts due to price constraints(限制).Simply put, the official telephone channels and agents offer you higher prices than agents.

In conclusion, the first step is to confirm the type and amount of insurance. The second step is to compare service to price. Now the claim(理赔) process is basically the same, compared to the price, the individual(个人的) thinks that the insurance agent company’s price is the most preferential(优惠的).