Types and Implications of Auto Insurance

•  Compulsory insurance

1.Compulsory Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents (950 yuan for 6 seats and below)

It refers to the compulsory liability insurance in which the insurance company compensates the insured for personal injury, death and property loss caused by the road traffic accident of the insured motor vehicle to the victim other than the insured. The liability limit of compulsory liability insurance for motor vehicle traffic accidents is 60,000 yuan, including 50,000 yuan for death and disability compensation, 8,000 yuan for medical expenses compensation and 2,000 yuan for property loss compensation. Where the insured is not liable for traffic accidents, the compensation limit shall be calculated at 20% of the above three limits. The basic rate of compulsory traffic insurance is divided into 8 categories and 42 categories of vehicles, such as family self-use vehicles, non-business buses and business buses.

  • Implications 含义( implication的名词复数 )含蓄卷入蕴涵
  • Auto Insurance 汽车保险,车险
  • Compulsory Liability Insurance 强迫赔偿责任保险
  • Motor Vehicle 汽车机动车辆,摩托车辆
  • Traffic Accidents 交通事故
  • liability limit责任限额
  • liability insurance责任保险
  • vehicle traffic车辆交通
  • disability compensation残疾赔偿金
  • medical expenses医药费
  • loss compensation损失补偿
  • auto insurance汽车保险,车险

•  Non-compulsory insurance

1.Vehicle Loss Insurance (Cash Purchase Price * 1.2%)

Responsible for compensation for the loss of the vehicle itself caused by natural disasters or accidents. This is the most important type of auto insurance. If this kind of insurance is not insured, the insurance company will not be liable for the repairs after the collision, but will have to pay for it all by itself. Some cars can be considered not to insure against vehicle loss insurance. For example, the cost of repairing a scrap car is very low, and it doesn’t cost much to repair it after the crash. If you want to insure without deductible liability, you must insure against vehicle loss. Because it is an additional risk of the latter, it must be insured against loss of vehicles before it can be insured without deductible liability.

  • Cash Purchase现金购买
  • Responsible for compensation负责赔偿
  • natural disasters天灾
  • most important至要
  • auto insurance汽车保险,车险
  • be liable for对…应负责任
  • insure against保护…免受危害,防止,防备
  • For example例如, 譬如拿 … 来说
  • additional risk附加险

2.Third party liability insurance (50,000/900,100,000/10,900,200,000/13,100,500,000/15,000,1,650)

Responsible for compensating the loss of the person and property of others (that is, the third party) caused by the accident of the vehicle. The third party liability insurance is the most valuable type of insurance, and it is also a compulsory insurance item stipulated by the state. When driving, the most terrible thing is to hit a car or a person, not counting the loss of their own car, but also spend a lot of money to compensate for other people’s losses. Especially bumping into people is the most terrible. Once people are crushed or killed, I am afraid that selling the car is not enough to compensate. After insuring this kind of insurance, we will not be afraid. Most of the money paid to others will be paid by the insurance company. Note: The third party refers to persons other than the insured, the insured and the insurer.

  • Responsible for 为…负责,是造成…的原因
  • third party liability 第三者责任第三方责任
  • compulsory insurance 强制保险
  • most terrible terrible的最高级形式
  • a lot of money 千金
  • compensate for 赔偿,补偿损失取偿抵补
  • other people 别人;他人;物;旁人
  • be afraid 恐怕,害怕
  • auto insurance汽车保险,车险

3.Accident Injury Insurance for Drivers and Passengers (i.e. liability insurance for vehicles with a premium of 50 yuan per person, based on the actual number of seats on the vehicle)

The driver and passenger casualties caused by traffic accidents shall be compensated by the driver and passenger accidental injury insurance. Cars are priceless, so it is necessary to insure drivers and passengers. If you have insured group personal accident injury insurance or personal accident injury insurance in personal life insurance, you can also not insure this kind of insurance.

  • Injury Insurance伤害保险
  • liability insurance责任保险
  • per person每人
  • based on以…为依据
  • actual number实数
  • casualties伤亡者( casualty的名词复数 )牺牲品受害者毁坏物
  • traffic accidents交通事故
  • accidental injury意外伤害过失伤害
  • life insurance寿险人寿保险,人寿金
  • kind of<口>稍微,有点儿,有几分

4.Spontaneous Combustion Loss Insurance (New Car Purchase Price x 0.15%)

It compensates for the loss of the vehicle caused by the failure of the electrical appliances, lines and fuel supply system of the vehicle or the burning of the vehicle due to the failure of the carrying goods themselves. The value of this insurance is not very great, but the rate is not low. In reality, the occurrence of auto-ignition accidents is very few, and even fewer of medium and high-grade vehicles with more than 100,000 yuan have auto-ignition accidents. In addition, if the automobile spontaneous combustion is related to the quality, the manufacturer is liable for compensation. So we don’t recommend this kind of insurance.

  • Spontaneous Combustion第三类来客自燃
  • Purchase Price买价,进货价格
  • fuel supply system燃料供给装置
  • very great浩大
  • In reality实际上,事实上实则
  • very few极少数的;非常少屈指可数个别寥寥可数
  • and even乃至
  • more than超过不只是在…次以上
  • In addition另外并且除此之外况且
  • liable for compensation负责赔偿
  • auto insurance汽车保险,车险

5.Excluding special insurance [Vehicle Loss Insurance + Third Party Liability Insurance] * 20%]

Without this kind of insurance, the insurance company should differentiate the liability when compensating for the loss within the scope of vehicle damage insurance and third party liability insurance: if you are fully liable, 80% should be compensated; 85% should be compensated for the main liability; 90% should be compensated for the same liability; 95% should be compensated for the minor liability. The other 20%, 15%, 10% and 5% of the accident losses need to be paid by yourself. If you insure this kind of insurance, your loss insurance company will be compensated for 100% regardless of your liability in the accident. So this kind of insurance is commonly called “100% indemnity insurance”. 100% compensation is very important. On the one hand, you don’t need to spend any more money after you are insured. The insurance company pays all the money. What is the purpose of insurance? Isn’t it that the insurance company pays all the money after the accident? What’s the point of spending money on your own? On the other hand, 100% compensation is good for dealing with traffic accidents. After a traffic accident, people always try their best to excuse themselves from responsibility, because it can make themselves lose less money. If you pay 100%, you don’t have to pay too much attention to the liability (the insurance company pays all the money anyway), so that the accident can be solved more easily, which can save your time. On the third hand, 100% compensation is good for insurance accident claims. If it is not 100% compensation, the level of fixed loss is related to your interests: the higher the fixed loss, the more money you are conceited of, and the less the fixed loss, the less money you are conceited of. So it’s necessary to argue when fixing the damage, although it’s very painful. There’s no need to argue when you pay 100% of the compensation. The insurance company pays all the money anyway, as long as the car is repaired.

  • kind of<口>稍微,有点儿,有几分
  • differentiate区分,区别,辨别区别对待表明…间的差别,构成…间差别的特征求…的微分:计算导数或微分
  • compensating补偿,补助,修正补偿,报酬( compensate的现在分词 )给赔偿
  • damage insurance损失保险
  • compensated补偿,报酬( compensate的过去式和过去分词 )给赔偿
  • for the main基本上,大体上,主要地
  • by yourself单独地独立地
  • regardless of不管, 不顾不拘
  • indemnity insurance赔偿保险
  • On the one hand在一方面
  • any more再,又
  • after you您先
  • spending money零用钱
  • on your own独立地,自愿地
  • On the other hand在另一方面
  • good for对…有益,能担当宜于
  • auto insurance汽车保险,车险
  • pays付款付给( pay的第三人称单数 )有利可图有利
  • What is是什么
  • good for对…有益,能担当宜于
  • excuse原谅为…申辩免除,宽免给…免去辩解借口,托辞道歉,歉意请假条
  • have to必须不得不,只好只得不得已
  • too much过多<非正>过分够瞧的
  • more easily容易地( easily的比较级 )不费力地远远地很可能
  • third hand卷纸工,第三手
  • good for对…有益,能担当宜于
  • fixed loss固定损失
  • conceited自负的,自高自大的,骄傲自满的
  • no need用不着

6.Breakage Risk of Glass Separate (New Car Purchase Price x 0.15%)

If insured, the other parts of the vehicle are not damaged during parking or use, only the windshield glass is broken separately, and the loss of windshield glass is compensated by the insurance company. If your car is not very high-end, the value of wind-gear insurance is not very high. The reason is that the rate is too high: domestic car rate is 0.15%, imported car rate is 0.25% (previously more expensive, 0.2% and 0.5%, respectively). For example, for a Santana with a value of 120,000 yuan, the premium for windshield insurance is 180 yuan, but only 300 yuan for a front windshield. Therefore, for the general family car, windshield glass insurance can be used as an optional insurance.

  • Breakage破坏,破损,破损量
  • Risk里斯克 Rusk的变体危险,冒险保险额
  • Glass格拉斯玻璃玻璃制品
  • Separate分开分离区分隔开分居分类割开分手断裂断绝关系单独的不同的分开的,分离的不相关的分开的事物独立件
  • New纽绰号,新来的,来源于中世纪英语,含义是“新的”(new)新的,崭新的新鲜的,新到的
  • Purchase Price买价,进货价格
  • parts of部分
  • windshield glass风挡玻璃
  • insurance company保险公司
  • very high多高
  • The reason缘由
  • more expensive expensive的比较级形式
  • For example例如, 譬如拿 … 来说
  • front windshield前挡风玻璃
  • glass insurance玻璃保险
  • can be used使得

7.Vehicle theft and rescue (new car purchase price * 1.0%)

It is responsible for the compensation of all the losses of the insured vehicles caused by theft, robbery and robbery, as well as the losses caused by the damage of the vehicles or the loss of spare parts and accessories. The car was stolen. The public security organ proved that it could not be found within three months. The insurance company received 80% compensation for the actual value of the vehicle.

  • purchase price买价,进货价格
  • responsible for为…负责,是造成…的原因
  • of all在所有…中
  • robbery抢劫案明抢敲竹杠明目张胆地索取高价
  • as well as也,又既…又…除…之外此外
  • spare parts备用零件备件( spare part的名词复数 )备用备用部分散件
  • public security organ公安机关
  • three months 3个月
  • insurance company 保险公司
  • actual value 实际价值,实际指标

8.New Equipment Loss Insurance

When you install air conditioning, CD stereo, burglar alarm, leather seats and other equipment for your vehicle, you may consider adding new equipment loss insurance. After insurance, the insurance company can compensate these equipment for damage caused by accident. These devices are usually installed in the car, and are rarely hit in an accident. Therefore, the value of insurance is not great.

  • air conditioning冷气空气调节装置
  • burglar alarm防盗自动警铃
  • other equipment其他设备;其他器材
  • insurance company保险公司
  • compensate抵消补偿,赔偿报酬补偿,弥补
  • by accident偶然地不经意
  • rarely很少地罕有地极精彩地珍奇地,绝佳地
  • hit in球被踢进
  • an accident无妄之灾;意外事故
  • value of insurance保险价值
  • auto insurance汽车保险,车险

9.No-fault liability insurance (new car purchase price x 0.15%)

After the collision or vehicle, the insured vehicle shall not be liable for compensation without fault. However, for some reason, the insurer shall be responsible for the compensation for the expenses that the insured vehicle has actually paid the other party but cannot be recovered. But each time there is a 20% deduction rate, that is, up to 80%. Generally, it is of little practical significance to insure family cars.

  • liability insurance责任保险
  • purchase price买价,进货价格
  • shall not不会不可将不要必须不
  • be liable for对…应负责任
  • without fault<古>无误,确实
  • for some reason不知什么原因,不知何故
  • be responsible for为…负责,形成…的原因主管
  • be recovered
  • each time每次,总是,每当逐次
  • there is那儿有有着

10.Body scratch risk (2,000/400, 5,000/570, 10,000/760, 20,000/1140)

Motor vehicles insured with motor vehicle loss insurance can be insured against scratch damage on the body.

  • Article 1 The insurer shall be liable for the loss of scratches on the body of a vehicle without obvious marks of collision.
  • Article 2.2 Liability exempts the insured and his family members, the driver and his family members from losses caused by intentional acts.
  • Article 3 The insured amount shall be 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 yuan, which shall be determined through consultation between the insured and the insurer at the time of insurance.
  • Article 4 Treatment of Compensation

(1) Compensation shall be calculated according to the actual repair cost within the insured amount.

(2) A 15% deduction rate shall be applied to each compensation.

(3) Within the period of insurance, the cumulative amount of indemnity reaches the insured amount, and the liability for this additional insurance terminates.

  • Motor vehicles机动车辆,汽车
  • motor vehicle汽车机动车辆,摩托车辆
  • insurer承保人,保险公司
  • be liable for对…应负责任
  • exempts使免除[豁免]( exempt的第三人称单数 )
  • family members属;家属
  • insured amount保险金额
  • be determined立志;定下决心;立意;决意
  • through consultation通过协商
  • at the time of在…的时候
  • according to根据,按照据…所说比照
  • repair cost修理成本,修缮费用
  • insured amount保险金额
  • be applied to适用于应用于施加于用来表示
  • Within the period报送期限内
  • cumulative amount累积额
  • indemnity赔偿赔偿金保障
  • for this为此
  • additional insurance加保
  • terminates结束( terminate的名词复数 )使终结解雇到达终点站
  • Auto Insurance 汽车保险,车险